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Hootsuite Certification
Aloha Pools Brochure, 2019
Responsible for all copywriting, photo selection, and some design.
"Pocket Compass" Business Pitch, Entrepreneurial Media 2020
"TayTrips" Business Pitch, Entreprenurial Media 2020
Aloha Pools Construction "What to Expect" Book, 2018
Responsible for all copywriting, photo selection, and some design.
PR Case Studies Introduction to Course Presentation, Fall 2020
The Best Christmas Light Displays in Wes
Just listed

Fundraising Graphic for Coldwell Banker Barnes Jackson Location (Fall 2020)


Top 10 Agent Print Out for Coldwell Banker Barnes Jackson Location (Fall 2020)

Under Contract in Pinson

Under Contract Graphic, Social Media (Fall 2020)


Kimberly Evans Realtor Testimonial Graphic for Social Media, Summer 2020

Hero of the Month Giveaway Graphic

Hero of the Month graphic for social, Fall 2020

July Statistics Madison County

Market Stats, Summer 2020


Home Brochure, Summer 2020

the votes are in....

Social Media Graphic for Aloha, Summer 2019


Social Media Graphic, Fall 2020

391 Michelle Circle-6-page-001

Home Brochure, Spring 2020

173 Michelle Circle

Social Media Graphic, Spring 2020

Tip:  Negotiate

February 2020; University of Memphis Department of Journalism and Strategic Media Facebook Page Graphic

It's time to swim!

Social Media Graphic for Aloha, Fall 2019

What are your design dreams_

Fall 2019, Aloha Social Media Graphic

It's not too late - Nellie Graphic

April 2018 This was a graphic made for Aloha pools to push inground sales. The accompanying caption was "Think you have this level of relaxation in you?"

Once you get to the interview, it's real

Winter 2020, Social Media Graphic

Big Game Countdown

Winter 2020


CASA Fundraising Event, 2015

CASA Post Card.jpg

CASA Infographic, 2014


Front of Brochure done in PR Writing


Back of Brochure done in PR Writing


Front of Newsletter Done in PR Writing

CASA Post Card2.jpg

This is the back of the info graphic postcard I created for CASA.

Unknown Track - Unknown Artist
00:00 / 00:00

Beginning of Podcast Project: Episode 1 of Tay Trips, 5 Reasons You Should Try Solo Travel

Instagram Influencers Paper, Spring 2020 

Instagram Influencer Presentation (Accompanies Paper)

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